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Djoser Botelho, Robson diaz, Myrza muniz, Quesia do carmo, Nico silva au festival de Cannes

The Plan D collective

Plan D -  International Organization of Strategies Decolonial

At Plan D, we plead so that in parallelIn the environmental and climate fight, which has rightly intensified in recent years, it is also extremely necessary to develop an ancestral consciousness, recognizing the power of these people, true representatives of the environmental cause. Their art, symbols, rituals, customs and practices – everything that constitutes their cosmovisions – are an ancestral technology for maintaining life and natural resources.

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Who are we ?

Plan D is an artistic and cultural production collective as well as a curatorial platform whose projects all have a decolonial and intersectional narrative with impact and relevance in the contemporary political, social and environmental debate.


Formed as a non-profit association (law 1901), which invests  in decolonial artistic projects and  intersectional thanks to tax optimization mechanisms for donors residing for tax purposes in France.

Quesia do Carmo


do Carmo

President -
Programming Director

Producer of film programs at the Moreira Salles Institute (Brazil), she holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in education from the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and in cinema from the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris). .

Gabriela Motta

Vice President -
Director of Intersectional Studies

Gabriela Motta works at the intersection of social psychology, gender and art. Based in Paris since 2016, she graduated in psychology and gender studies in 2021 from AUP in Paris and is currently studying her master's degree in social psychology at the University of Paris VIII.

Djoser Botelho Braz

Djoser Botelho

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of urban culture in Brazil, he has been coordinating artistic cooperation projects between Brazil and France since 2020. He is the founder of Plan D, an association that provides legal support, bureaucracy and production to Latin American artists in France.

Administrator -
General manager

Eva Cantele


International lawyer, lobbyist and visual artist. She is a specialist in international advocacy for the social and solidarity economy (ESS) thanks to her work for 4 years within the organization ESS Forum International. 

Treasurer -
Executive Director
Eva cantele
Nico Silva

Nico Silva

Director and editor, trained by the Darcy Ribeiro film school, in addition to having started his cinema studies in the Cinema Nosso (2015) e Ação da Cidadania (2016-2017) and Nave do Conhecimento (2015) associations. Debut in documentary cinema in 2015 with the short films “Sobreviver” and “Retrato Falado”. 

Director of
Robson Diaz

Robson Diaz

Graduated in cinema from PUC-Rio in 2010, he began his audiovisual career as a cameraman and editor in Brazil. In Paris since 2016, he specialized as an assistant director and completed a master's degree in documentary cinema in Marseille, France.

Audiovisual project director
Myrza Muniz

Myrza Muniz

Director of audiovisual projects

Director and screenwriter, who has completed extensive training in cinema, international management and new media. She graduated from ESCP (Paris). 



Post-production director of advertising videos, fashion films and short films, graduated in Communication Activities and Techniques from Paris Descartes University in Paris.

Administrator - 
Post-production director
Morgane Henninot
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